The License Plate Site - All Your Custom Plates In One Site

The License Plate Site - All Your Custom Plates In One Site
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We are Eileen & Dave Kulcsar, we reside in central Florida in a Beverly Hills. We got into the license plate business in 2005, back then we purchased premade license plates from a wholesaler, we added vinyl lettering to make it more personal or sold them as is. This method of selling wasn`t truly satisfying. When we became aware of a new technology available to produce our own products, that was when we really got interested and reached phase 2 of this career path. We purchased all the necessary equipment in 2007 to independently design and produce our own license plates. We became a direct source, not a middle man. Now we purchase license plate blanks, ink, and paper mostly to keep our business going. We make our license plates with a technique known as dye-sublimation.

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