Tales of Corporate Oppression

Tales of Corporate Oppression
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It's not enough that you show up and perform the duties for which you were retained; oh no. They want you to become a full participating member of their freaky culture cult. You're meant to buy their bizarre idea of what's good (unpaid overtime) and bad (questioning management decisions). Their warped standard of normality. And not only that: you're meant to believe it's for your own good. Oh yes, the company is this way because it cares about you and wants to help you achieve your full career potential. You're the company's greatest resource! Its chief competitive edge! And don't let the fact that they make you bring your own coffee cup tell you any different. Tales of Corporate Oppression exists to collect and honor stories of everyday greed, stupidity, valor, triumph, despair, courage, frustration, betrayal, pettiness, vengeance, love, and lust that form the human fabric of workplaces.

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