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Science (from the Latin scientia, meaning "knowledge") is, in its broadest sense, any systematic knowledge that is capable of resulting in a correct prediction or reliable outcome. In this sense, science may refer to a highly skilled technique, technology, or practice. In its more restricted modern sense, science is a system of acquiring knowledge based on scientific method, and to the organized body of knowledge gained through such research. Science in this modern sense is a systematic enterprise of gathering knowledge about the world and organizing and condensing that knowledge into testable laws and theories.
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Explosive Detection and Prevention Technology - XploSafe LLC

Explosive Detection and Prevention Technology - XploSafe LLC XploSafes innovative technologies protect people that deal with explosive and unstable compounds. XploSafe's real-time detection system for improvised explosives is the key to working safer in unsafe environments.

Aerospace Business Technology Directory

Aerospace Business Technology Directory A comprehensive, worldwide directory of aerospace business & information resources including aeronautical, space, various associations, aerospace conferences and bio-defense, radars and visions, air force logistics and intelligence, guns.