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A place for poetry - Hello Poetry

A place for poetry - Hello Poetry Read, share and discuss poetry. Create and sell your own books. All for free, with no advertisements. How lovely.

Antigone Poems

Antigone Poems The Antigone Poems, by Marie Slaight and Terrence Tasker, is a starkly illustrated and powerful retelling of the ancient Greek tale of defiance and justice.

Oldpoetry - Classical Poetry Discussion

Oldpoetry - Classical Poetry Discussion Old Poetry at Oldpoetry - appreciate the poetic greats! Learn from Whitman, Keats, and all those who spent their life in pursuit of a poetic ideal. Help point out nuances in old favorites, and join in the discussion!

LG Hertz Poetry - Rhyming Poems

LG Hertz Poetry - Rhyming Poems Learn about the poet, L.G. Hertz, and read poems excerpted from his three poetry collections, Nijinsky's Horse, The Bubbling Vernacular, and Square Dance. Includes traditional rhyming poems, history poems, poems about the arts and other...