Linkdex | Supercharge Your Organic Marketing

Linkdex | Supercharge Your Organic Marketing
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Linkdex's is the world's leading SaaS platform uniting Search, Social, PR & Content channels. It's time to say goodbye to marketing silos.
Linkdex was founded by a team of seasoned search marketers and developers who have grown big search agencies, run global, national and local search campaigns and managed in-house teams. Together with a rapidly growing group of passionate business and agency users we’re developing the software to deliver on an ambitious product vision.
Linkdex is a platform that is evolving further and faster than any other, with a dedicated team of Europe’s leading developers working flat out, turning user feedback into new features as regularly as every two weeks. None of this would be possible without a £ multi-million investment from one of the world’s leading venture capital funds and Silicon Valley’s highest profile investors.

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