Henry B duPont Middle School Library

Henry B duPont Middle School Library
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Henry B duPont Middle School is in Red Clay Consolidated School District, New Castle County, Delaware, USA. Our library has approximately 15,000 books, with an average circulation of about 1450 each month. We also subscribe to a number of magazines, and there is an audio-visual collection for teachers. There are 34 computers available for student use. All computers are connected to the internet, and are installed with the school software including Microsoft Office. The library is open during school hours, and after hours by arrangement. The library operates on a flexible schedule. Teachers reserve times to bring their classes for research and will often include enough time for students to complete their assignments. In addition, individual students and small groups are welcome to use the library provided they have a teacher’s permission and a hall pass. Students may borrow up to three books at a time. The normal loan period is two weeks, renewable on request.

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